Friday, September 3, 2010

Doing nothing is better than being busy doing nothing

As I sit thinking about how the next year of my life is going to change, (expecting baby number 2 and having 2 under the age of 2) all I can do is plan on how busy I will be.Photobucket  However being busy can put a drain on your physical and emotional state, causing a very negative chain reaction to your love life, and family dynamic. So before possibly getting overwhelmed, try a few simple steps to make everyone’s life a little simpler.  
I am a firm believer in using your time wisely, and this of course will help with a productive lifestyle. Maintaining a balance of harmony can become possible with getting things accomplished, resulting in less stress! My husband’s favorite saying is “Happy Wife, Happy Life”… and it’s true! When Mommas not happy, nobody is happy! So don’t allow chores to pile up, try to plan as much as possible, organize, organize, and ORGANIZE! 


I have a girlfriend who carries a small notebook with her at all times, to write down lists, thoughts, chores, etc. Isn’t that best idea ever?!?! *Head to your nearest Dollar Store or Drug store and pick up one of those small pocket size notebooks. Throughout the day write down anything that comes to mind, whether you just remember you ran out of ketchup, or you want to organize your thoughts, and/ or write out that to-do-list that sits in your head; organization is one of the solutions to being productive, and happy!

Another key note is perhaps asking for the help you need to lighten your load- which again is essential to your happiness.

Now on a side note, if your significant other is not being a big help when it comes to pitching in, then it may be time for a talk. A nice calm peaceful talk, before things get to an unhappy place. 

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