Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Starting a Blog- To share or NOT to share

I've always been one to over share, however now that's I'm older, and there's more to my life then what I feel the world needs to know- drawing boundaries are going to be fun yet difficult. To Share or NOT To Share? Let this journey begin! 


I am truly excited to start a new blog. Being young black and married has become a growing epidemic. In a time where African Americans are the most uncoupled race, there lies a 52.8% that is married. Now out of half of the black community that is married less than half will succeed, and majority that fail are young; under 30. With an average of 37% of couple who marry under the age of 24 ending in divorce, one might think this number is in my favor right? WRONG! On an average only 9% of couple who marry over  30 years of age end in divorce. So why do you think this is? Could it be the level of maturity? Maybe the stability in income? Or the fact that you know yourself better at 30 then when you were a fast a furious 21 year old. No matter what assumption one might draw this blog is here to help guide you through the life of being young, MARRIED and fabulous. 

I will post great deals, coupons and shopping tips, as well recipe, budget plans/ ideas, and funny stories  and pictures. Date night ideas, relationship advice. And much much more! 

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