Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Being the Mother of 10! Juggling the duties of many!

So a wise woman told me 1 is ONE, and 2 is TEN! And boy she wasn’t lying. Although my newborn is a very easy baby, very calm, and sleeps majority of the day I still can’t help but to be a bit overwhelmed at times. My pressure is self inflicted, as my children don’t realize that dinner is perfect, and the house isn’t immaculate I do! I have this desire to be perfect…. It is slowly becoming reality that I need to smile, take a breather and let go.

My boys will know when mommy is happy, and they will know that I took the time to read them a book, or go outside and play. So what to them if we don’t have empty laundry basket or mom’s nails are chipped? But rest assure that in order to keep a bit of my own sanity I will attempt to stay organize, I will use my time wisely, and I will juggle my family, household, and school duties gracefully.

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