Friday, July 8, 2011


So yesterday Allen and I loaded up the boys dropped them off to their Abuela's, and we spent the morning and afternoon together as a couple!!! It was wonderful. We got massages, had lunch at Bertuccis, and did some shopping in downtown Andover. Allen let me go from store to store trying on cloths, giving me suggestions, and allowing me to patiently look. It was so much fun! At one point I joked with Allen, asking if he was having fun. He smiled, and said "I'm having fun, take your time, you don't get many moment's like this". I think I fell in love with him all over again! Not only did he acknowledge that I live my selfless life around my boys, but that he DID appreciate it!

I don't know if men really understand what simple appreciation does for us women, some days I don't want to hear I'm pretty, sexy, smart or an amazing cook (Although I know I am all thee above LOL), I want to hear that I'm valued.

On a side note I found THE CUTEST boutique new to the area- Bobbles and Lace, Not only is there stuff super cute affordable, and comfy, but the owner's MIL was sooooo nice!!! I know where my extra money will be going to! hehe =)

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