Friday, July 15, 2011

Day ....I lost track.... of not wanting to sleep in his crib

I've honestly lost count on which day we're on, but AJ is refusing to go down naps and bedtime in his crib... He was hasn't done this in months.

I've been doing MAJOR research, the few things I'm coming up with is that 1. He could have mentally outgrown the crib, and be ready for the big boy bed. 2. Around 18 months (AJ is 19 months) children go through separation anxiety. 3. His MOLARS could be coming in! I know those big fat painful teeth are coming in, however they've been coming in for forever now... I'm over blaming the teeth, it has to be something more????

Is/Has anyone experienced this? HELP!

After about 10 minutes of crying (off and on) he is sleeping, in his crib!!! Let's pray he stays there. Perhaps Allen and I simply need to stick to our guns, and not give in to taking him out, and putting him in our bed?

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