Thursday, July 14, 2011

High Strung? NO I'm a MOTHER!

So Allen comes home this evening from his class, and gives me this test to take.. He explained that it has to do with stress levels, and he scored a 32… LOL! Allen + stress = nonexistent, he’s so easy going I HATE HIM!

So I start taking the test, and half way through I already have a 30! LOL! Should I even bother to continue?? About 10 questions later I have a 62! I am high-strung and at risk for cardiac arrest! *Geez* I just thought I was an over achiever… In all reality I'm a mother, we're up before everyone, and sleep way after. I'm a busy bee, who never has free hands because idle hands lead to mountains of work. Anywho like I explained to Allen, I work hard and play hard, I get “my time” in.. I make sure to workout (lately), I get primped. When I am getting a bi weekly pedi, and weekly mani I AM enjoying EVERY second! Yesterday I spent 3 hours in the hair salon (I went back to my extension) and let me tell you I missed my boys, but for the 1st time I didn’t call home ONCE!

So just because I’m high-strung (for now) I make sure to attempt to balance…… As much as possible, and when my budget allows it.

But here's some tips I use to help with my stress levels *Atleast I thought this was helping**

1. Sync your calendars- There are SOOO many times I am on the computer entering things into my Google calendar, then I'm on the go entering things into my blackberry, not having corresponding calendars could cause a mess, and be time consuming to fix!

2. Nap time is YOUR TIME!- Take a break, read a book- I need to follow this rule... some days I do divide up naptime, half goes to productive activities, the other half to REST!

3. Get in the habit of cleaning- Every room you enter FIX something, every room you leave take something! Never leave a room with empty hands, there is always something that needs to be put in it's place, or straightened.

4. Finally lose the guilt and the stress if things are perfect- I'm STILL WORKING on this.

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