Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mothering Mindset of a 35 Year Old???

Today has been a post worthy day. With a great conversation I had with my cousin, I have come to the realization that I am NOT your typical 25 year old mother and wife. I was also convinced that when others refer to my age, and point out the obvious (YES I am YOUNG!, it is meant in no way offensive, they are shocked to see me doing what I do with my boys, and practicing the parenting techniques I swear by.

I guess the difference between me and most women my age is I chose this! My son was wanted and planned. my husband is not some guy I met then got knocked up by, but he's my best friend of almost 10 years. I put my wants and desire on the back burner for motherhood..... I am a mother first, everything else follows. =) I make scarifies to raise my children myself, and instill the morals in them that have made me the person I am today..... well we tweak some of them, because I can be somewhat of a diva! (LOL)

Well with that said I am not one to leave my children easily... I struggle with not feeling guilty for wanting a night out with my husband alone. So when I see women who aren't dying to be with their children ALL THE TIME, I am confused. Call me judgmental, say what you want. I simply feel like when babies are as young as mine they need me more then I need a break... But don't get me wrong I DOOOOOOO need a break from time to time (and that's normal), but that is what "Daddy time" is for, or being spoiled rotten by their grandparents =) I just can't relate to a woman leaving their children for any other reason besides 1. Needing to provide their children with financial stability (ie work or school) 2. Maintaining a healthy relationship with your spouse. 3. Needing a break occasionally, but really, all the time is not cool in my book... Then again I am a mother first and everything else follows.


  1. I completely agree with this post. The only real time I leave my children is to to go work, and not by choice. My husband and I also work opposite shifts to limit the need of someone else watching our children. About a month ago we left our children for the very first time to go to Vegas. Day 1 was rough, although there was plenty of entertainment on day 2 I was reading to come home. I missed my boys. And just then my husband and I had a very similar conversation, how can so many patents leave their children on a regular basis?

  2. This is why I had to get out of the Army. Kudos to all the female soldiers out there, cuz I just couldn't do it. I want to see my baby every single day and there was no way I could've had Cj then deployed 3 months later.

  3. So my child wasnt planned.Does that make him any less loved then your planned children?