Monday, July 11, 2011


....So why doesn't my son (the 19 month old) get that... Today he is screaming at the top of lungs whenever we go near his crib. He NEVER does this *atleast not for a nap*, maybe because Daddy overly wore him out playing outside for like 3 hours? Either way this is bound to be a LONG day with no nap... Any ideas on what to do when your toddler or baby for that matter WON'T NAP! I hope this isn't the start to no naps. I have never established a naptime routine, maybe I should? Thoughts/suggestions/inputs needed?

Allen is rocking him in the chair, GUESS WHAT?!?! He's falling asleep- I think... LOL. We shall see.

AJ is NOW awake, and Daddy's defeated!!! Darn it! now what? Let him run around, and MAYBE he'll pass out on the floor somewhere?? LOL

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