Sunday, August 7, 2011

CD'ing! Still no diapers?!

So I'm still patiently waiting for my cloth diapers to arrive (which I placed my order on 7/20!!!). To cut the company some credit they are being shipped from China- I ordered the Sunbaby 4.0 diaper after reading the good reviews and seeing how reasonably priced they were.

Anywho they haven't arrived yet, and I'm down to about 10 diapers!!!!!!!!! Soooooo I started looking around and found Thanks Mama which is located in Newton (MA). Thank goodness! I'm able to place my order online and have them delivered for free or pick them up in store! Awesome right?! I was refusing to buy another bag or disposables for AJ, although Liam still have plenty. I ordered the Flip Diaper system which is a hybrid- I will be able to switch between the stay dry insert, AND get this- A DISPOSABLE insert for when we're out!! This will also be a great way to transition over as the hubs isn't fond of CD'ing. I also ordered some Kawaii heavy wetters for night time, and I plan to try out BestBottoms which is another hybrid system with great reviews!

I will update this week with pictures and I'm sure stories. =)

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