Friday, September 9, 2011


Well I got one of the batches I ordered! I picked up the order from Thanks Mama (in Newton, MA)... Note this is not a retail store but a warehouse setup. I was kind of bummed I wanted to see the size of their wetbags, but because it was packed up they wouldn't open it to show me!!! Not a big deal.

I got the flips, and the Kawaii! Again the flips are a hybrid system- meaning you and change out disposables, and stay-dry cloth inserts. Kawaii I intend to use for bedtime, as they have high ratings.

Here's a link for a video/tutorial on how to change

I also received my sunbabies *note they took over 3 weeks to be delivered- To give them some slack they are being shipped from China. They were the CHEAPEST opitions out there so I patiently awaited their arrival.

Sunbabies (pictured to the left)- You get what you pay for... These are mostly used for day time, Napping, and Bed time are not the best times for usage, as they don't absorb well, and have some leakage problems.

Kawaii- LOVE THEM!!! NO leakage! They stay full through the night, and they're super plush on the inside.

Flips-are great for when we're out, since I just have to bring extra inserts (which I usually take the disposals- depending on where we're going)

I do plan to order a diaper sprayer because dunking poopie diapers in the toilet is NOT fun! lol. I also NEED more Kawaii since both boys are now CD'ing FULL TIME.Now I have 20 Bunbabies, 2 Kawaii's, a 3 flips, and this usually only gets me through 2 days of CD'ing 2 boys... I definitely need more! I don't want to wash every other day, it's exhausting. But on a VERY POSITIVE side AJ's diaper rashes =GONE!!!!!

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