Monday, September 12, 2011

"You're not my mommy!"

... That's what I heard soon after walking into Target this afternoon. As I turned I seen a woman scolded two teenagers from a distance, and another pre-teen standing next to her. Of course the first thing that came to mind was "Oh.. she's the stepmom!" lol... See I have like 3 steps moms, godmoms, auntie-moms, grandmoms, and great grandmoms, so I'm used to that phrase"you're not my mom!". SO I laughed it off and kept on looking through the dollar section( my fav!!), however then another set of parents looked over and said "oh you're talking to our kids, I thought you were yelling at yours", they seemed unbothered by the fact that someone else was discplining their children... I was confused?!? Like how is it as a parent you're not bewildered that some COMPLETE stranger just wagged her finger at your children??? I am very particular about people crossing lines of what is acceptable and what isn't, but I am also big on not allowing children to disrespect themselves or an adult.

I guess the question is; when is it ok to allow someone else to discipline your children???


  1. Personally, I'd be ok with it to an extent. If CJ was playing at your house and was being inappropriate or misbehaving and I wasn't there for some reason, I'd be ok with you disciplining him. To an extent obviously, I wouldn't be ok with someone whooping him with a belt, but telling him no or putting him in a time-out would be ok with me.

  2. Lindsey, I feel the same way.. but when a total stranger steps in.. I 'm not sure how I would react...exactly. It would also depend on their tone, their overall intentions.... We're they actually concerned about my child(rens) well being? Or were they annoyed, and wanted to say something?

  3. There is certainly a fine line. But agreed if my children are playing with your children and you see something I didn't or I wasn't around and carlito needs to be told no or stop. Then inwould be perfectly fine with it being friends. I rarely think my son and I would be seperated at this age long enough for a perfect stranger to step in but I have seen it at the park and I have also been in that predicament. At the park a week ago this young boy about the same age as my son was sort of following us around the playground which is fine but I saw no lingering parent. So of course the one second I turn to check Zoe the kid shovs Carlito....which mind you doesn't happen often my son can be the aggressor. So at firrst I waited to see how far it would go and to see what my son would do. But in all of those 3silly seconds he went to do it again. I politely said ohno no nodon't pushing. This time my son more prepared for his action kind of dogded him and said no don't push me. Then the kid pulled his hair. So that's when I stepped in and took the other kids hand like I would my son or even gentler and said hi little boy its not nice to push and pull hair why don't we play nicely. Now of course as I am kneeled down talkin to this little boy in my periphial I see what I assume to be his mother running towards me from a distance. I waited for her to approach and I explain the whole situation. The mother didn't understand a word I said and didn't reply (mad they were od asian decent) but all that matters was I felt I didn't cross the line and my son saw how I disciplined the other child and protected him.