Saturday, October 15, 2011

On a Mission for Sleep

For almost 2 years now I have struggled with getting my toddler to sleep through the night and in his bed. Now throw in a baby to the mix. I'm exhausted. I'm delirious half the time. Cranky. Moody. I'm getting headaches, irritable, and worst of all I'm loosing patience.

Being sleep deprived is not good for anyone, so now I'm on a mission for an answer. I have tried to rock, sing, rub, bounce, nurse, and play with my boys to the point of tiredness. This doesn't work efficently. I have also tried allowing them to cry it out to an extent. Personally the sound of the cries isn't work my sanity, if that makes any sense (remember I'm half way delusional). And I'm attempting to not put labels on myself, but I am definitely a natural parent- meaning I do what feels natural for me. And I don't feel right letting them cry out for me, but I don't feel right not giving them 100% of me, because I'm physically and psychological spent.

I've decided to read The No-Cry Sleep Solution  as well as Solve Your Childs Sleep Problems. I hope to get more reference, and insight. I'm not sure which technique I'm going to adapt, but I know this- whatever I do is in the best interest for my boys. And I love them dearly, and should they "cry it out", and be cuddled every night I will do it with every ounce of love in my body.

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