Friday, October 21, 2011

Traditions Start Somewhere

I yearn for my own family traditions. I want to be like ‘big momma’ (from Soul Food- of course this will be in like 60 years). So I'm setting out to start those customs- beginning with Halloween Parties. I mean seriously, who doesn’t want to dunk their heads in water, mess up their makeup, and bite the same apple 5 people before them tried to gnaw at? Eat boat loads of candy, and dance to spooky music, while celebrating things that personally scare the mess out of me?

As I prepare for the coming festivities, I have once again put on my DIY hat, and made the invitations!! They were so cute! And FUN! 

In honor of spreading the love, I am giving away 25 custom invitations to the 25th follower of my blog!! The invitations can be Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years eve, or Birthday invitations. I will email the winner templates to choose from.

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