Friday, December 16, 2011

Being Senistive

... This is a horrible trait I posse. I take everything personal, and get offended when I reach out to people, or attempt to do good for others or go out of my way, to then have it go unappreciated. None the less, this isn't something I necessarily want my boys to see, or pick up on...

How do I teach them to be considerate of others, to love others, and to genuinely care about others, without taking things too personal? I feel like taking things personally makes you easy prey for those predators who try to send you emotional poison, I want my boys to be strong men, but compassionate about others.

AJ is such a gentle giant. The other day we were playing with friends, and his little buddy pushed him, of course AJ cried, but in the same token AJ has done the things like this (more or less to his friend in the past). Perhaps lessons like this will teach AJ "do onto others as you want done to yourself"? OR maybe this will teach him, I'll-get-you-before-you-get-me? I guess we will just figure out how to not over react to others on this journey together.

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