Thursday, December 15, 2011

Love Goes Into MY babies food.... What's In Yours?

I understand that not everyone has the time OR the desire to spend countless hours slaving over a stove to not only prepare meals for the big people in your family, but then peel, chop, steam, and puree a completely other dish- PHEW! That sounds exhausting.

However let me assure you, it's SUPER EASY!!! And here's some information that will make you second guess shoveling a spoon full of jarred "who-knows-what" into your bundle of joys mouth.

1.Such companies like Gerber replace real food with water and thickening agents in many of their products for children over six months of age. Such adulterated products are nutritionally inferior to products made with more fruits and vegetables. The last time I checked flours and chemically modified starches lack proper, if any nutrition.

2. Baby foods are very high priced compared to similar regular foods. Baby foods cost far more per ounce than fresh vegetables and fruits.

3. Before the age of two baby brains are developing at a rapid rate and the organs are most likely to be sensitive to exposure to the harmful substances found in such baby foods.

Homemade Baby Food- SIMPLIED
Stock up on plastic containers! in the beginning, when introducing solids, Ice cubes proportions are prefect. However closer to 8 months, I move onto the 4 ounce sized containers with lids, They are currently on sale At Market Bast 2/$5.

Cook in batches, (if your freezer is large enough) bi-weekly and freeze. That way you don't have to worry what your baby is going to eat. One less task, one less stress. 

If possible try buying only organic, if that is too pricey check out the dirty dozens for a list of foods with the highest amount of pesticides found in them.

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