Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sh*t Crunchy Mamas Say

I'm sure by now you have stumbled across one of the "sh*t" people say videos. They are hilarious and so true it's erie. Well of course it was only a matter of time because a crunchy/natural mom got a hold of the trend and jumped on the bandwagon.

My favorites:

Love the Amber teething necklace- Yes I bought one for Liam! lol.
Oh we don't have a crib... I didn't have one at first either... however NOW Liam only sleeps good in it.
Facebook took down another one of my breastfeeding photos! LOL!!

Coconut Oil... HAHA! I swear I hadn't seen this video before my post yesterday =)

And last but not least, this video brought some laughter to my crappy day (literally) I've been cleaning poop out of diapers, off my me, and changing my poor little man's clothing all!

Thanks Natural Mamas

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