Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Felt Board

 Felt Boards are so adorable! I can remember as a little girl having a ball playing for hours on end. A felt board provides hands on learning, which is beneficial to a child's development and self esteem. Felt boards stretch the imagination as well as giving pure entertainment.

Felt Boards are a mutli-sensory approach- allowing children to feel the different textures, AJ was absolutely floored by not needing glue to make them stick! It is intellectual using a cause and effect. NOT to mention mommy and daddy had a blast making this board.

I found this board at the dollar store for ($1), I went to Joanne's Fabric and purchased 1/2 yard of light blue, 1/4 yard of green, and wa-la you have the bases of our "Everything Outdoors" board! 
I then used scraps of felt from other projects to make a house (triangle and square shapes- do not glue so the child can construct this themselves), a car with tires (again do not glue), a tree (which was glued), flowers (glued), the sun, stars *not pictured, and clouds *not pictured.

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