Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More Reason's I WANT To Homeschool

Today my toddler read a book to me!!! I don't know it was from memory, or if he could actually read it. Either way I'm thrilled!  Together we read numerous books daily! I often point out to him words and pictures, asking him to tell me what it is, what sound is makes, or I tell him stories to help him connect the information.

I continue to play with the idea of homeschooling, although I have yet to (fully) pull him out of the toddler program he is in. I know that being home with me he stands a better chance of being a bright well mannered thriving little boy. Going to school and being influenced by other children, whose parents more then likely haven't instilled the values or morals in them that mine have scares me! Not having an option to focus his studies on his strengths, or cater to what he wants to do that particular day saddens me. He is so beyond and capable of much more then drawing or coloring all day (which is what happens in Preschool)... At this point I am really siding with homeschooling. I know he needs the peer interaction, and he can get it! There are so many homeschool groups, and activities out there it's unbelievable.

I stumbled upon these stats today, and it's interesting:

Stanford University (like most serious universities) actively recruits homeschoolers, and they accept a higher percentage of their homeschooled applicants 

The most recent study on this comes from The University of St. Thomas. They studied their student population and split them into four groups: those who graduated from public schools, those who graduated from private Catholic schools, those who graduated from private non-Catholic schools, and those who graduated from homeschools. Here is a graph that summarizes their major findings

Thank you Dr. Jay L. Wile for this information

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  1. If you plan on homeschooling, you may want to work on your grammar as well as the use of commons and the proper use of words.