Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Liv Well Toys.... Play well!

Now that my baby has hit the I'm-not-a-baby-BUT-I'm-not-a-toddler stage I have found myself searching for age appropriate toys. At his age a lot of his toys are diverse, yet he is still interested in playing with the plush toys he already has but it doesn't seem to hold his interest for long. What he loves most are toys with bright colors and patterns.

After much searching I stumbled upon liv.well.toys. Liv.Well Toys. has affordable, earth-friendly cloth toys for children. Their toys are designed to stimulate children's development and imagination. After reading more about this mommy who makes her toys by hand of course I had to support her! And boy am I happy I did! Liam loves loves loves his plush blocks! Even AJ (my almost 3 year old) has found pleasure in them (throwing of course!), and for once I'm ok with allowing him to play as he pleases... their plush, no one gets hurt and nothing breaks. LOL

 Here are some of the wonderful toys and books currently available for purchase:

The first 50 readers of my blog can take advantage and receive 15% their order by using code ymf15. I am also giving away 1 shop credit of $10 toward your purchase of $25 or more!!

To enter 1. follow the blog (currently followers skip this step), and 2. comment on this post why you love educational toys

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Paper Mama Photo Challenge - Eyes


I have recently found a love of photography. As I am smacked with realty of how fast my children are growing, I find it so important to capture beautiful images of my children to enjoy for years to come. I have even enrolled in a photography class through my local community college.

I stumbled upon a few blogs, contests and forums to help refine my craft. One of which is this Challenge through Paper Mama. Enjoy this fun picture of AJ.

Eyes Wide Shut

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Back from my hiatus

I don't know where to begin..... I took some time off to get my life in order.. establish a new routine, and well.... get my anxiety under control that is. (yes I am very open about it, and I wish more mommies would be). I've struggled with this dark burden of panic attacks for about 2 years, and I have finally found somethings that work. One of which is relaxation... hard yes with 2 children, but possible with an amazing husband.

We have also been in the process of enjoying many projects. Such as a cute little garden area for me to sit, and relax while watching my boys play.

I have also happily gone back to work part time, for those of you that have been following my blog for a while, I searched high and low, trying to find the right fit, and I finally found it. I enjoy working, I also love being home with my children as much as possible. I am not a fan of traditional child-care, and my husband and I are blessed with flexible schedules, and retired parents.

We have also decided to allow our oldest (AJ) to stay in the toddler program he has been in until December when he turns 3 (and can no longer be in that room), then we are homeschooling for pre-school with his older (4 year old) cousin.

We've been busy, yet blissfully simple. We're taking a relaxing vacation to the cost of Maine, which I will post about later, and enjoying the last of the summer with wonderful hikes, beach, and sunshine filled days.