Thursday, November 15, 2012

Everyday Moments

As my life continues to change and we develop a more simple approach as opposed to tackling what used to be chaos, my boys and I have redeveloped a love outdoors. We always enjoyed our time playing in the yard or the occasional hike, however we have most recently made it an effort to simply play outside. 

Earlier this week went on a hike to a local castle, thrilled that I had dressed them extra nice (we visited daddy at work for lunch), and camera in tow I figured I'd attempt to get a few holiday poses.

I didn't get the best images, but I must admit my photography class, and membership to clickin moms is definitely paying off!! I have also found a wonderful way to get insirpation from other moms lookin to enjoy the simply memories of their children by following along with a blog circle. The way it works is we all link another mom, and meet back full circle.

Please check out some of the amazing lives, and work of these women; click here to join the circle!!