Saturday, February 23, 2013

Meal Plan week of 2/23-3/02

This week I managed to plan, budget and coupon so well I HAD to share it. I was able to buy groceries for 3 meals a day feeding my family of 5 for only $56!! Now I'm sure your wondering what the heck are you eatting for that price; air-pies? LOL. Nope hearty and healthy meals... Organic veggies, Hormone free meats, things everyone in my household love. Check out our dinner meal plan below.

Weekly Meal Plan

Saturday: Burritos – using top round steaks which is a cheaper cut of meat.

Sunday: Veggie Lasagna- I make my sauce from scratch  in bulk and load the lasagna with the vegtables that are on sale that week at my local market.

Monday: Coconut Rice and Mango Shrimp- I had a half bag of fresh frozen shrimp from a meal I made last week, not enough for a full meal, so to stretch this I will add in snap peas, broccoli and bell peppers (veggies left over from the Veggie Lasagna)

Tuesday: Chilli Dogs and Homemade Fries- not only is this meal affordable but of course it's one of my boys favs.

Wednesday: Quesadilla- with chicken and kale

Thursday: Pasta- (again) home sauce, I might do a chicken parm, I haven't fully decided yet.

Friday: Homemade Pizza- by making my own dough I save. this is a fun family night idea, the boys get to add what they want, I might even have a calzone instead of pizza, and it's cheaper then 2 Large pizza even with a coupon.

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